Economic ways to travel in Europe | Reaching Linz from Vienna airport

Economic ways to travel in Europe

For train:

Austria: ÖBB (https://www.oebb.at/en/)Book before 2 or 3 weeks, for better Sparschiene (discounted) tickets. But, no flexibility to take other trains.Try breaking the journey to get better deals.Especially for Vienna airport, book split ticket to and from Wien hbf.Traveling to nearby country, compare prices for the same train on the other country website as well.Germany: https://www.bahn.com/en/view/index.shtmlCzech: https://www.cd.cz/en/default.htm Hungary: https://www.mavcsoport.hu/en Vorteilscard:50% off on all tickets even at last minute.Flexible travel options, unlike Sparschiene.19€ for youngsters and family (only while traveling with kids).66€ for adults.You can save a lot if you go to Vienna airport more often.

WESTbahn:Cheaper tickets available to Vienna if planned early.Frequency and train to hbf will be available in second part of the year.Discounted and less price tickets if you have ÖBB Vorteilscard.https://westbahn.at/en/  

For bus:

Flixbus coupons:5 coupons for 99€ at https://interflix.flixbus.com/ 
Valid for three months Usable for any direct trips at zero additional cost even if the current price is 100€ (20€ already paid) 
Omio:Can compare all trains, buses and flights. 

For flights:

Use google flights with multiple nearby cities in source and destination to find better options to travel at lower price.You can also track the ticket price.You get a mail when the price changes.Sometimes you can find price dropping from 80€ to 20€ in Ryanair Or from 700€ to 400€.

Reaching Linz from Vienna airport.

After baggage collection in Vienna airport, and whole coming out of the travelers only zone. Take right and follow train sign.Even in left you will find the same but it’s longer way to platform.You can buy tickets online or in the app ÖBB. (See economic way to travel for more details of ticket booking)Once you know your address, You can buy vorteilscard online one month before the validity date.You can also just show the digital card in the app.Booking tickets with flexible option while coming from airport, as there can be delays sometime for the flight/ baggageThere is a Spar at airport where you can get food and drinks at better price than in train

Traveling in Linz: 

When living in Linz, you have discounted tickets at yearly price for students and adults. Yearly ticket is 285€/year paid as 28.5€ for 10 months. Can be deducted from your account if you have an Austrian/German account.  Can be ordered online or collected in person at LINZ AG LINIEN-Infocenter, Hauptplatz 34, 4020 Linz Meldezettel1 photo More details can be found here. https://www.linzag.at/portal/de/privatkunden/unterwegs/tickets___tarife/semester__und_jahrestickets Discounts for students and apprenticesOÖVV youth ticket network Price: EUR 70.00OÖVV student or apprentice ticket  Price: EUR 19.60 Application form for student and apprentice free travel online at www.ooevv.atAll discounts available at Linz-AG Linien and ÖOVV. https://www.linzag.at/portal/de/privatkunden/unterwegs/tickets___tarife/ermaessigungen