How about tax system / filling tax in Linz?

Tax forms can be collected online or from bmf office. The recommended way is Online tax filing, the link is below


The necessary steps are as follows:

  • Contact bmf office with documents (meldzettel and residence permit) to get the online account.
  • Set the password. and account log in. you can file tax for 5 yrs. retrospectively.
  • Please refer the attached the document (how to declare tax for expats) for possible exemptions
  • Please note, once you have filed tax, you can always use see info. from last filing. 


Since 2016, there are no tax break for buying and renovating the house.

In 2018, under E30 provision – additional tax benefit for the kids was introduced. E30 form is provided by the employer, in most of the cases.

Tax consultant is common practice. Fees: apporx. 200 per year. Tax consultant fees are reimbursed.

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