How to invite parents to Austria?

Invitation called as Elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung (EVE)

  1. First step is to visit the Police station nietzschestraße 33 (1st floor 155,follow blue line) following documents listed in this website https://www.bmi.gv.at/202/Fremdenpolizei_und_Grenzkontrolle/Einreise/start.aspx#ev
  2. The documents are listed in this website 


  • Passport and photocopy 
  • Melzeddetel original and copy plus the house contract and copy
  • Residence permit and copy 
  • Last three months salary slip 
  • KSV (should be obtained within the last three months)
  • Parents passport copy 

Please be sure with the dates of travel before going to the police station.  They will ask for the date of entry and departure.

Just walk in there between 8 -12 , You don’t need an appointment.

This EVE is just a paper with some  number, which you have to give a copy of it when applying for visa in VFS.