Work From Home -by Rasika Galgali

I thought I can authoritatively write about work from home (WFH), having worked remotely from different locations for some years. I wanted to share my two cents on this topic. I have experienced that it is challenging to keep oneself accountable, collaborative and productive as one works from home. The ability to work from home can have benefits for us, but it can also bring distractions and difficulties. I thought about sharing with you the most important aspects as these have become relevant for each one of us during this historical pandemic time.

Right Attitude and Integrity: The most important basic requirement of working from home is the attitude and the mind-set towards work. The “results-only work ” environment, mindset and attitude helps one focus on getting the results irrespective of how and how much one works.

Inner Motivation: This is really a personal thing and up to oneself to stay motivated and get as much out of your time as you would in an office setting.

Self-Discipline: Self-discipline for a WFH lifestyle according to me would be the following:

Setting up a daily virtual office schedule

Setting up a workspace and ensuring that you are maintaining a healthy sitting posture. I try to stand and work for few hours at least.

Eating well and having you pantry stored with healthy things like fruits, nuts etc. to binge on

Managing distractions: Those could be WhatsApp messages or sometimes kids if they are home at the same time. I try to keep the phone out of my reach and have trained my kids to distract only when I am not at my laptop.

3 Cs. – Collaboration, Communication and Connect : I am not a very social butterfly and do not require a lot of social stimulation. However, I place special importance for collaboration, communication and connection with the peers and team members. Here an extra mile is needed in a work from home set-up to communicate and connect. I resort to one on one SKYPE Chats or SKYPE Meetings.

Ergonomics: Do not use sofa and bed as work place. One must have a good working table with proper sitting place and suitable light.

Lastly, It’s OK to mix work and life at times. There have been times, that I have sent emails, worked on presentations, proposals until 02.00 am while I was watching my kids’ tournaments, important games, school gatherings, meetings when they wanted me to. It keeps me happy and hence productive.