Driving License Conversion


Step 1

Visit LPD (Landespolizeidirektion Oberösterreich)

Monday till Friday 8am to 1pm (no appointment needed)

Documents needed

Indian Driving License, RWR Card, Passport, Meldezettel

Address: LPD, Nietzschestraße 33, 4020 Linz

Email: spk-o-linz@polizei.gv.at

LPD Linz, Location


LPD official will give you 2 sheets

1. Blank application form and 2. List of Doctors in Linz for DL Medical test

LPD optionally may ask you for German language conversion of Indian Driving License

Step 2

Fill the Form and get a stamp on it from the Driving school you choose.

Choose a doctor and get medical test for DL done || Cost 35 Euros

Go to OAMTC and get the Indian DL converted to German language || Cost 18 Euros

OAMTC Linz, Location


Step 3

Go to LPD again and submit the documents

Surrender your Indian Driving License. (You won’t get it back)

LPD will call you back in approx. 1/2 weeks and inform you about the verification status of your Indian Driving License.

You can also follow up with them after approx. 2 weeks over email spk-o-linz@polizei.gv.at

Step 4

Go to the Driving School you choose.

DL conversion fee costs approx 371 Euros. This fee includes..

– DL practical test appointment

– Car for the practical test

– 1 Double driving lesson (approx. 1 hour 40 min) (or) 2 single driving lessons (approx 50 min each)

After the 1st driving lesson, the Driving instructor will provide feedback based on your driving skills. He may recommend you for additional Driving classes.

Each single driving class (approx 50 min) will cost approx. 60 to 70 Euros.

Each double driving class (approx 1 hour 40 min) will cost approx. 120 Euros.

After giving the practical test, if the result is successful..you need to pay 120.50 Euros to LPD(online/bank deposit), and Driving License will be sent to you by post.

Note: The fee 120.50 Euros shall be asked to be paid only if the exam is cleared.

Step 5 (if Step 4 is not cleared)

The examiner will provide the reason for not clearing the exam.

You and your instructor, may discuss and agree for additional driving class.

Once confident, you may give the practical test again..and fee mentioned as in step 4 i.e., 120.50 Euros shall be paid to LPD for receiving the Driving license.

Note: Additionally, the Driving school may charge 60 Euros for providing the car to the practical test.

This process shall repeat till the exam is cleared.


1. Familiarize yourself with Austrian Road signs


Read Austrian Traffic Regulations Law



This link is in German, but you can change ‘Google Chrome’ settings to automatically translate the language to English

The document may look lengthy, but in actual you read only the rules meant for ‘Car’ driving. It won’t take more than 2-3 hours of reading.

2. Youtube (online learning) Driving Lessons

There are many channels which provide learning videos for free about driving.


3. German Driving Vocabulary

Its better to familiarize yourself with German vocabulary for basic driving directions and terminology


4. Driving Exam (Optional)

To just have a feel of how Practical exam is conducted


5. Recommendation (Optional)

Please choose the instructor whom you feel comfortable to learn the driving after speaking with him/her in person

Driving Instructor – Werner, Mobile no: +436767245666

He is Pilot (for small business jets) by profession and teaching Driving is his passion. He speaks very good English.