Acquaintance Questions – FAQ 2

Q1. About insurance
– For applying for a resident permit, Only travel health insurance for a minimum of 3-6 months is enough and later arriving in Austria you should have to get Student health insurance.
– For example, I took it from United Indian Insurance for a period of 3 months. List of approved insurance companies (Schengen States)
For more info:
Also, our parents will be sponsoring our expenses.

Q2. Is there a format for a sponsor letter?
Attached the format
Mention the amount and the sponsor name, signatures.

Q3. When should we deposit the amount in the bank?
– Prior to 4-6 months of applying the application.
– Put the deposit as a block amount that is a non-transferable amount.
– Account statement should be in the parent’s name and you should be a joint holder.
– Get the statement in your name and parent’s name. ask manager he will do.

Q4. Can you show us an example of how exactly to show the funds? – Unfortunately no
IT returns of last three years, if not then bank statement, declaration, sponsor letters are enough and document that shows the source of income for that deposit amount.

+ Resident permit pdf eng/de
+ Visa D
+ Cover letter
+ Declaration letter
+ Disclaimer
+ Guarantee letter

Read all the info carefully and revert me for more specific questions.

All the best.

Disclaimer: Furnished information is from my own experience maybe it differs for each case. So read all the official latest information carefully.