Acquaintance Questions – FAQ 3

1. How did you travel from India to Linz? Did you land in Vienna or Linz? Did you take the train to Linz? Which train? 
– India to Vienna – then take Train (oebb) from Vienna airport to Linz.

2. Is it cheaper to buy a laptop in India or in Austria?
Electronics cost almost the same and my suggestion would be to buy them from India. It’s better. Also on other hand sometimes here you will get an offer during the semester start.

3. What’s your advice on handling finances in Austria? Which banks do you recommend?
It depends on how old you are and how much your transaction would be. For students, I would recommend the following banks
https://www.raiffeisen.at/ (I’m using this) Contact me I will give you my advisor’s details.

4. Would you suggest private or public insurance? And can you tell me why?– If I understood correctly – you’re asking for insurance after arriving in Austria, right?- Depends on finance, how much you want to spend each month on insurance, and some age factors involved.
1. Govt insurance – https://www.gesundheitskasse.at/
2. Private insurance – https://www.care-student.de/
– For more info read the “Insurance” section from this link https://oead.at/…/residence-permit-student-no-mobility…/
– In my case for visa process, I took travel health insurance for 3months
– from “Life insurance” then after arriving in Austria I got private insurance from care-concept.
Also, this is applicable for getting a Resident card in Austria..