How to get Admission to FH universities | Austria | English + Tamil + CC | VLOG 73

Video chapters: *****************

Video chapters:
0:10 Introduction
0:18 Friends introduction
0:24 Agenda
0:44 Sprince Introduction
1:03 Prasath Introduction
1:30 FH Introduction
1:53 Someother universities
2:21 Brief entire admission process
3:15 What are the documents required
4:21 Intakes in FH
4:54 Fee structure
5:17 Scholarship Options
6:10 Complexity
7:16 FH friendliness
8:20 Job opportunities after study
9:28 IT opportunities

Important links

Friends LinkedIn
https://www.linkedin.com/in/prasath-manickam-3ba42855/ ================================================
Sr. No. Document – For Applying in Univ Portal
1 Letter of Motivation
2 Passport Copy
3 TOEFL Certificate
4 Pre-requisite Form
5 Bachelor’s Thesis
6 Uni-assist VPD
7 CV
8 Photo
Muthukumar Neelamegam
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